Why Transcribe Voicemail with Us

You may be thinking – why would anyone want to transcribe voicemail directly? Many services do offer automatic transcriptions, but in most cases why pay for it additionally if you can request it selectively? Many of these services are provided by a computer program. The trouble is that software just does not cut it if you need accurate, human transcriptions. Software does not understand the context of the message, nor does it recognize accents and is often confused by background noise. You will see that most of these companies offer a “premium” service to transcribe voicemail using real people as this is the only accurate way to do it.

Why select us to transcribe voicemail files?

The most important part of any service that will transcribe voicemail files are the people who actually perform the transcription. Many of the services out there will hire cheap freelancers with no experience and no knowledge of the subject areas they are being asked to transcribe. Combined with often poor English skills this often results in a very poor voicemail transcript.

We hire only highly qualified transcribers which hold graduate degrees and select them carefully to match the context of your voicemails. All of transcribers have native English skills and will be able to fully transcribe voicemail accurately and within your deadlines.

How we work to transcribe voicemail

Our skilled transcribers will contact you to confirm the format of your voicemail transcript and any other requirements that you may have before getting to work on providing you with your transcriptions. They can transcribe voicemail into:

  • Simple Text files
  • Pdf
  • Word
  • Excel
  • PowerPoint
  • Any format or software that you require

They can transcribe the voicemail verbatim: which includes all “erms”, “you see”, false starts, and other extra sounds and words fully transcribed. Another option is near verbatim or “intelligent” verbatim which eliminates all of the unnecessary words leaving only the main message.

Voicemail transcript guarantee

When our experts transcribe your voicemail you will receive files in the format that you request and with a high level of accuracy. If you request our voicemail transcription services, we will ensure that you get exactly what you require within your required timeframe.

If you feel that you have been let down in any way we will fix the problem free of charge or provide you with a refund as part of our full satisfaction guarantee.

If you need to transcribe voicemail contact us today!