Why Our Professional Transcription Company

In today’s age most companies outsource most secretarial support including transcription; a professional transcription company can provide businesses of all description with transcription services to turn audio and even video into clear and accurate written documents. From transcribing medical reports to an after dinner speech or lecture transcription companies have the skills needed to quickly and efficiently provide you with that written document.

Finding a professional transcription company

The trouble is that there are many companies online trying to gain a share of the market and not all of them provide the level of service that we can provide. Many are only interested in their own profits rather than supplying a top notch service. This leads them to hire cheap freelancers who often have little experience in transcription and often barely speak English. As you can imagine this is not going to result in a highly accurate transcription.

This is why when you find a professional transcription company such as ours you have to hold onto them so that you know where to get quality transcriptions done time after time.

Our professional transcribers

The backbone of any professional transcription service companies are its transcribers, to ensure that we provide the very best services we hire only the most talented and qualified transcription staff. Every one of our professionals is a graduate degree holder as well as being highly experienced in providing transcriptions. Our transcription company only uses staff that are qualified within the subject area of the transcription being performed. So if it is legal transcription your transcriber will be suitably qualified and experienced to provide the highest possible level of service.

Our staff are:

  • Higher degree holders
  • Experienced transcribers
  • Tested during our interviews
  • Work only in their areas of qualification

Our security and confidentiality

Our systems feature the highest levels of security to ensure that your files and information are fully secure and will never be accessed by anyone who is not authorized to do so. Once completed and the work delivered we ensure that all files are promptly and securely deleted to maintain your confidentiality.

Our staff are all covered by our non-disclosure agreement so are prevented from discussing their work elsewhere.

Our professional transcription company guarantee

With highly professional and qualified staff we are happy to be able to provide you with highly accurate transcriptions that can be provided in any format and in any style that you require. We will follow your instructions to the letter to provide you with a service that provides you with full satisfaction.

In the very unlikely event that you feel that the transcription is not accurate then we will happily repeat the transcription or provide you with a full refund of your money.

We aim for complete and total satisfaction every time you use our service and we pride ourselves on the number of clients that return to use our professional transcription company.