What Is Transcribing and Other FAQs

Having been in the market of transcribing for quite a long time, we are in a position to respond to those difficult questions that are bothering you concerning transcription. Here are some of the questions our clients ask and the answers our professionals provide to them.

  1. Do I have to log in to transcribe on your online service?

Yes you need to log onto to our website, create a profile for yourself and then proceed with your online transcription after paying a subscription fee of $20.

  1. When am doing a transcription on your online service and I find a mistake in the transcription, what should I do?

You can correct any error in your transcription by doing the following:

  • Click on the transcription tab under the document page
  • Edit the portion of the document you want.
  • Save the transcript depending on whether you think it’s completed work or not
  • The change is displayed to you and if you are ok with your final document, print it out for use or email it to the end user.
  1. Can I save an incomplete online transcript?

Yes, you can choose by clicking on the “Save As Incomplete” button if you think the transcription is incomplete. The system will then display the work to you as a work in progress. You and other transcribers can go back and complete the transcription at any time you are free or you can delegate to our professionals to complete it for you (at a fee of course).

  1. Can I restore a previous version of a transcript

If you accidentally deleted some transcription text and did not save it, don’t worry. Simply refresh the page by pressing F5 key while on the transcription page and you will get text from last time it was saved. Otherwise, please comment on the page beginning with notations (ILOVE TRANSCRIBING) and let us know why the transcription text should get reverted back to previous version.

  1. What do I do if I see spam included in the transcription field?

If you see a transcription page with spam text, please make a comment beginning with (IHATE SPAM) to notify us that there is a spam problem. We will restore the transcription back to the version before it got spammed.