What Are the Different Types of Audio Transcription?

different types of audio transcription online

Recordings of speech are often needed to be put into text format for ease of reading, records or simply for entertainment. Therefore transcribers are in high demand, particularly in business, law and medicine. Conferences, interviews, podcasts and reports may be given orally and need to be transcribed for future reference or record. Equally, transcription of audio file to text may be useful for those who are deaf or people with cognitive disabilities as often they may find text easier to absorb than a dictation of information. Many people simply prefer reading to gain information than listening! If you are looking for the answer to this question “Who can transcribe my audio file”, you are in the right place as we can.

General Information

Transcriptions are important because information is far more accessible in text form. You have a good chance to review different types of audio transcription.They aid clarity and ensure completeness of supplied data. After examination of patients physicians will dictate information about the examination, diseases, tests, diagnoses and patient history. Due to the medical terminology used as well as often heavy accents and rapid speech transcribers must have extensive knowledge of the field to do their job well. Unlike an executive dictating to their secretary, a medical transcriber will have to format the report as well as convert speech to a formal written document.Similarly, in business conferences or meetings may be transcribed for future reference so a plan of action can be drawn up and no issues are forgotten.

In a court of law, a transcriber will ensure that everything said is recorded allowing a judge and jury to later refer to evidence and testimonies. From an education point of view, transcriptions may be preferable to audio clips or transcribing an interview as they are more accessible and many prefer text as a form of learning over listening. Or visa verse you can use transcription from audio file to text.  It is also more easily duplicated which is particularly useful in medical reports and in education where many copies of the same information may be required for a number of people.

The process of speech to the script is generally straightforward although the recording will likely be listened to many, many times to ensure accuracy and clarity.

Types of Audio Transcription

  • Verbatim transcription: this is all-encompassing, extensive and incredibly time-consuming. It ensures that every sound, word and laugh are recorded accurately from an audio file. It is an exact replication of the source material. This may sound like the easiest form of transcription as no editing is required but in fact, the transcriber must be sure to hear every noise and record it accurately, making this type of transcription very hard work! Intelligent verbatim transcriptions are most commonly used in a court of law or in films and advertisements.
  • Edited transcription: this requires a little more re-formatting by the transcriber who must decide what of the audio file is important and omit any useless sections of speech. Provided the meaning of the recording remains the same the transcriber has considerable freedom to adjust the transcription aiding clarity and conciseness, making this type of transcription more useful in education, conferences and for speeches as they are easier understandable and accessible for an outside party.
  • Intelligent transcription: the most time consuming and expensive form of transcription this results in a straightforward, formal and concise transcription than edited or verbatim. It needs a more qualified and experienced transcriber to produce these kinds of edited transcripts because more expertise of the field is required. The transcriber needs a good understanding of what the speaker is talking about to make intelligent decisions when it comes to what is important and how to make their dictation clear to an outside party. In this case, the transcription itself is not the primary focus but secondary to the editing.

If you are interested in medical transcription and editing you can follow this link.

Audio Transcription Services

Audio transcription is time-consuming and requires a good deal of training; the more experience in it the better to ensure the quality of transcriptions. Many choose to outsource their transcription of the audio file to text needs and pay companies for their services. It allows busy staff some extra time as transcription can be particularly time-consuming work!

  • alphabetsecretarial.co.uk –  Focuses on bringing audio to life through transcribing your content for the hearing impaired. Provide services to the NHS, ICGN, BBS and London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine. “Translate my audio file, please.” – you will say. And they really pride themselves  not had to re-transcribe because they realisea good product!
  • londontranscription.co.uk –  Well trained transcribers who can focus on meetings and interviews to provide you with high-quality transcriptions. They also offer proofreading and editing transcripts services and their prices are clearly displayed on their website.
  • transcriptdivas.co.uk –  Calculate costs upfront at 80p per minute minimum. Specialise in video transcriptions and are recommended by 98% of clients.
  • takenotetyping.com Instant quotes available and focuses on technology to give you a service designed specifically for your needs. Plenty of testimonials to give you confidence in their services.

Advantages to transcription services are extensive:
  • Reduced time required to produce transcriptions as companies designed for this purpose are more efficient.
  • Reduction of cost through transcription companies.
  • Companies can provide a solution where backlogs occur at peak times and staff are not available to catch up.
  • Transcribers are generally well trained so error rates are decreased.
  • Companies needn’t hire temporary staff to transcribe and staff are the transcription service’s responsibility to sick days and cover are not a consideration to be made.
  • Secretaries can focus on organisational and PR roles rather than needing to worry about time-consuming transcriptions.
  • Systems within these companies tend to be well established already giving management peace of mind.
  • It is important to ensure the company you choose follows ethical guidelines are Data Protection Acts.
  • Testimonials can give you a fairly accurate impression of a company’s success rates.
  • With the internet has come lots of review websites that allow you to browse the best company to fit your needs.
  • Security is usually taken care of by the company who are up to date to protect their interests.
  • Outsourcing abroad gives the benefit of time zones allowing US clients to receive transcriptions overnight from Indian companies, for example.
  • Expensive transcription equipment like software and voice recognition are not an investment that has to fall on the company itself.
  • Existing staff do not require extra training for transcription.
  • Allows staff to focus on their primary roles.
  • Record maintenance is often included and far more streamlined than that of a smaller business in particular.
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Our Services

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  • Full and easy to understand the list of terms and conditions to ensure you know where you stand!

Transcription can be a time consuming and frustrating effort, particularly if you are inexperienced. Often it is worth going to an established company for their services to ensure you are getting top quality transcriptions. However extensive training is available if outsourcing is not the route for you. Research is key to making sure you decide on the right option for you and often it is both cheaper and easier to simply go to a professional!

Use our list of tips to get the different types of audio transcriptions to suit your needs! Follow our guide to get your audio files transcribed quickly, easily and affordably!