We Will Convert Audio File to Text

Ready to start the audio files to text with us?  We will do it in a way that will leave you appreciating it us for quite a long time. Our experts know how to handle the tools. The division of labor at our offices enables specialization to take place. We specialize in all kinds of audio file transcription from different walks of life.

Convert audio files to text

Getting accurate transcripts from audio files from software can be tough, but with us, it is getting easier. We have shareware and commercial WAV to text programs available for converting audio files to text.

Converting audio files to text         

Navigate to the voice base on our website. Click the green sign “sign up for conversion” at the bottom of the right of the screen. Enter your details in the sign up form making sure to click the “accept” at the far bottom of the screen. Check your email for the activation link with the password. If it is not in your inbox, check your spam mail. Click on the hyperlink after the words “click here to activate your account with professionals”. Sign into your account using your given username and password. Click “upload audio” the second tab on the upper portion of the screen. You are limited to two hours of audio in three hundred megabyte chunks. Note that the list of all supported files is listed on the same page. Our online tool will transcribe your audio files and store them in the data base. You can grant access to anyone you deem fit to view your files.

Convert audio files to text files

When you access our website, you will come across so many services that we offer. The audio files to text files conversion comments from the clients who have enjoyed our services is provided under “comments from clients” You can go through them before entrusting us with you audio. We put quality before monetary gain. We value the satisfaction of our clients and we know, one client satisfied will grant us a thousand more clients and one dissatisfied client can cause us to close business.