We Offer the Lowest Transcription Costs

Transcription Costs – Quality versus Price Rate

Next to quality, the transcription services cost is one of the next considerations that every client takes a look in choosing the right transcription service. There are two sides of the coin as far as quality is concern. These two opposing sides can easily be resolved when there is a cost-effective transcription company offering simply the best and a worthy-every-penny kind of service.

First side is transcription service that offer low cost transcription at the expense of quality. It is relatively low and claims to be competitive, but when tested, gives off poor quality transcription reports.

Second side is transcription that promotes extremely low cost of transcription services as their marketing strategy. These companies are those who dispatch well transcribed audio and video files at a lower rate without sacrificing quality. For companies like this, maintaining quality is a source of stability and long life in the transcription business.   This is the kind of service that we offer. This is in fact us. We offer the lowest transcription costs with highly maintained accuracy rate and customer retention.

Transcription Costs – Our Promise to All our Clients

Transcription cost is the distinction we gained for our transcription business in the market today. Cost of transcription services is one of the key factors transcription businesses should focus. We are on the lead in offering low cost transcription services to all our existing clients and the newly acquired ones. It is understandable that people tend to doubt the quality of transcription outputs when the cost of the transcription is low. Low rates have become synonymous to poor quality. This is the ultimate challenge we are trying to defy all the time, maintaining the highest quality at the same time maintaining the rate of our service at the lowest level. This is with high level of confidence that it can create a strong customer database for us. We derived profits from having the highest customer retention rate which means repeat business with existing clients at the same time driving more new clients in the process.