We Offer Better Than Cheap Transcription Services India

There are a lot of companies on the Internet that offers audio services but nothing beats cheap transcription services India. They offer solutions for your audio transcription needs at a very low price you can’t find anywhere else. There are many people that have doubts in outsourcing but those doubts will be blown away once you hire their services. They aim to be more of a partner instead of just being a vendor.

Professional Service

Audio transcription services India offers nothing less than professional service. They offer international service. Only professional transcriptionists will handle your data. Cheap transcription services India guarantees well-made documents wherever you are and whenever you want it done. Cheap doesn’t mean poor quality. Their expert transcriptionists are backed up with professional proofreaders to make sure that your ordered document is error free. Our technical team will make sure that every word will be transcribed. They are proud to say that our accuracy rate is not less than 99.99%! Their transcriptionists would love to hear special requests in terms of formatting from their clients. They also offer removal of fillers like ahs and ums from your documents.

Digital and Analog

The company can transcribe audio recordings no matter what kind of audio format you send them. They can handle both digital and analog data. They have superior audio technology at their disposal. They can transcribe digital formats like mp3, wma, rm, and avi. Analog formats like cassette tapes and micro cassettes can be converted to digital format so that the transcription process will be seamless. The conversion of the data may cost additional price but every penny will be worth it.

Expert General Transcription

Cheap transcription services India can transcribe documents whatever their purpose is. They can take care of interview recordings, saved conference calls, podcasts, important business meetings, amateur tape recordings, and a whole lot more! They are a general transcription service company. That means that they do not accept medical transcription jobs.

Superb Customer Service

They don’t just take care of your request for transcription. We also take care of you. We have friendly and professional customer service agents ready to help you out 24/7. They offer the best customer service possible in the audio transcription industry. The company considers you as a partner. After all, it is your documents. You can always call them if you want to add some specifications to your document. If you have any concerns, contact their customer service team via email or by calling them on their hotline number. Customer service like no other is their goal.

Amazing Low Price

Cheap transcription services India lives up to its name. You will never find a more competitive price in the audio transcription market today. They charge almost half the price of what the majority of transcription companies does. Try them now and you won’t believe the service you will get for such a low price!

They Got It Covered

The company can transcribe any kind of presentation from a live event. They have a conference recording service that includes transcription from cassettes, micro cassettes, CD, DAT, and just about any kind of online conference. They can send the finished document in the format that you want them to be in. They can send it to you in DOC, RTF, HTML, TXT, via a secured email, FTP, or even by CD-ROM format!