We Know How to Transcribe Audio to Text

This has been our job for more than a decade. We have done it for professionals from all walks of life and we still do it for the present professionals and we are ready to continue doing it for the upcoming professionals, in which category, you belong. We are here to produce the best text from your audio work. Quality is our motto.

How to transcribe audio to text

We have developed a unique three step transcription process to ensure that you receive a superior quality transcript. Our expert audio transcriptionists listen to the audio provided and prepare the initial transcripts. The initial transcripts are proofread by our certified proofreaders who listen to the entire audio file and correct any typos unclear words and errors or omissions. The final transcripts are again proofread by the quality supervisor and are sent to you in your desired format. All speech to text conversions services provided by us can be customized according to your requirements.

How to turn audio into text

When we do verbatim transcriptions, every mmmh! Aah! And false starts made by the speaker are included in the final transcripts. They are mainly used for specific legal purposes and by insurance companies. When we do screened transcripts, they are cleaned of unnecessary content and edited to present readable transcriptions. They are mainly required for calls, meetings, video, podcasts etc. When a client requests for the ready to publish transcriptions we gladly do them. These types of transcripts are mainly for speeches, conferences, lectures, seminars etc. Such transcripts are edited by our experts to make the intent more clear and presentable.

How to translate audio to text

Our audio transcription services are geared to create accurate and customized transcripts out of anything – from a research report, lectures, dissertations to business meetings, boardroom discussions or call in dictations. Our team of transcribers transcribes it all at high accuracy rate and at very competitive prices. We offer value added transcriptions services to complement and further support our core transcription solutions. Our end to end transcription services enable companies to stay focused on mission critical functions while we take care of their typing and transcription requirements.