Types of Transcription

types of transcription

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If you think transcribing only entails transferring speech/audio into word/text, you are probably wrong because there is more to the matter that you will learn about today, at least especially in terms on the types of transcription.

types of transcription

Types of Transcription

  1. Legal transcription is the transcription involving legal documents, public events, and business meetings. You will need help on this if you think you cannot type text fast and accurately but you need an urgent legal report. You should check out the best legal transcription help out there for assistance.

  2. Business transcription involves the transcription of meetings, conferences, seminars, videos, and lectures.

  3. Market research transcription involves transcription of any kinds of interview, groups, and meetings.

  4. Medical transcription is the transcription of medical reports, being hospital reports the most common.

  5. Academic transcription involves the transcription of lectures, interviews, conferences and dictations.

  6. Other types of transcription include video transcription, interview transcription, and podcast transcription.

Definitely, transcription does not only involve typing in text from speech or voice or audio, but it is simply more than that because in most cases, these documents are very important. A single mistake, obviously, isn’t acceptable. No matter you are a doctor, a business owner or a lawyer, to name some, you may require the services of adept and skilled transcriptionists for your transcription needs, which may require the use of specific language understanding and definitely precision.

Choosing your service provider, therefore, must be thought of carefully so that you can get only accurate, fast and quality results. As you may know, you may be using these transcribed documents for your references sooner or later, so better they are accurate and error-free from the start. And for this matter, you should choose your transcriptionist who is a specialist in the industry of transcription you are looking to get help for.

Study your options well and hire the best transcriptionist today!

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