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Our Audio Transcribers – The Best in the Industry

Transcription has slowly gained its place as one of the legitimate jobs in the Internet today. We have highly trained and skilled audio transcribers who are retired teachers, freelance writers, professional home-based mothers, new graduate students, and university professors with MBA degrees wanting to earn extra income by delivering the transcription service you want. We also have certified 24/7 stand by teams working in shifts for your transcription needs anytime of the day. These are full pledge transcribers with extensive training in audio file transcription and has collected long years of experience transcribing audio files in various formats.

Our audio transcribers have a wide outlook when it comes to audio file transcription, making each transcribe audio file a part of their long list of transcription portfolio. To try our audio transcriber service is the best decision you are about to make today and is set to create a repeat business with us in the future.

Our Audio Transcribers – Strong Foundation in Quality Transcription

The audio transcription services that we offer aim to transcribe audio files, in compliance to the US privacy and confidentiality laws and without sacrificing quality.  We maintain the highest possible standards in the industry, gaining an edge over our competitors through excellent customer service. Our audio transcribers are highly trained not just to follow our own guidelines in transcription but also to maintain an open mind with client-specified formats and guidelines as well. This kind of transcriber-client relationship is absolutely the best that we can offer as we transcribe audio files for your company.

This cost effective service maintains our lead in the market, catering to both small and medium sized clientele. The degree of service that our audio transcribers give to each client is at par with the best in the world, but with extremely competitive rates. All necessary aspects of audio file transcription are covered by our transcribers and the quality work implemented in the first contract will still be the same quality work you can expect on our next transaction. This is a guarantee we never fail to offer as one, if not the best audio transcription provider in the market today.