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We work on most of the automated transcription process and software and this helps us to clearly understand the way each one of them works and deliver the output. This helps us better equipped in easily and quickly fixing of all the mistakes in the automated transcripts. Try our audio text converter today.

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We have an elaborated transcription process to provide error free transcripts to our clients within promised deadlines. Its is the client sends automated transcripts along with the voice recording to us, our team scans the entire transcripts for errors and cleans it up as per our relevant quality standards, we use help of professional typists to provide a quick transcript. The transcript then passes through the whole process of quality analysis and error handling audits. The final transcripts are then sent to the client. This entire process with our unique work approach becomes extremely fast, almost instantaneous.

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We have an experienced team of automated transcription software experts and automated tools. Our tools have been a revelation to most of our clients. We have added support for enhanced speech event logging, and made performance enhancements to default recognition settings. Our professional typists can transcribe large audio files within hours and double proofreading guarantees outstanding quality of the final transcript.  Customers can depend on our services to transcribe audio to text in the most reliable, secure, high performance manner available today. Furthermore, with our large team of transcribers, our services can scale to meet almost any audio volume need.

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For new customers, can be leveraged to deploy enterprise level services and manage significant audio volumes through our transcription service, guaranteed capacity and unmatched support. We provide accurate and very quick audio to text conversions of the outstanding quality.