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Transcribe audio to text

Transcribing evolves between program 1, such as a word processor that is used to enter the text and program 2, the media player that is used to play the audio. Transcribing as we have found out, involves a lot of stopping, backing up, typing, and then repeating over and over and over again. This problem can be solved such that switching back and forth is done via hotkeys without taking your fingers off the keyboard, providing a streamlined, efficient experience. We promise an easy way to stop, back-up and type, all via keyboard shortcuts. These may seem like very simple interventions, but having used this process ourselves, we guarantee that your transcribing experience will be pleasantly transformed, and made much more efficient.

Audio to text transcription

The default keys we have designed in our user friendly programme are F5 for pause/play, F6 for back, F7 for forward. These keys are permanent to their functions (in our programme). The only thing you can play around with is the number of seconds that it automatically backs up when you pause and then press play and the number of seconds it jumps when you click back or forward. There is also another feature in our audio to text transcription programme, “Smart pause n play” which you can activate from the option menu. This causes the player to play a few seconds of audio, stop for a few seconds and then continue again. Both the number of seconds of audio and the number of seconds during the pause can be defined by the user. After going through, your text can be saved as TXT or RTF which can both open in Ms Word. Come; try audio to text transcription with us.

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