Transcription Services

When one decides to venture into transcription services, it means that one is ready to render services that will ensure clients receive quality written reports and documents. This should be done in the shortest time possible in order to impress the client. The written document should be reviewed by excellent English speakers and passed through quality assurances before the client receives their document. These precautions are supposed to be placed in order to ensure that the client gets accurate transcribed documents.

In order to pass out to be one of the best transcription service providers, the provider of the transcription service must be in a position to offer priority transcribed services; this means that, the services should be offered on a “first come, first served” basis. This will leave all the customers contented and also they will all feel appreciated and their work valued. Documents in a transcription service which is efficient should have a high turn around time of not later than 12 hours after time of dictation. For those who require their documents in the shortest time around of less than 12 hours, there should be transcribers on standby to offer such a service.

A good transcription service provider should offer intelligent verbatim transcription of both digital and non digital audio. The services should cover a wide area and not just be specialized in one. It should cover varying needs of general business, medical facilities, legal practices and learning institutions. Once it has a variety of services, the client base will grow automatically because clients will come from different ankles. They should also be in a position to convert all formats of audio and video files to text transcripts. All this should be offered at a very a competitive rate.

Key to building sound client in the transcription service provision is by providing transcription services that meet agreed upon deadlines without compromising on the quality of the transcripts. Having highly skilled and experienced transcribers will perfect the skills of providing high quality transcriptions. A pool of proofreaders also comes in handy when it comes to perfecting the transcriptions in order to come up with the best transcriptions services for a client. The work of the proofreaders is to check for accuracy and ensure the work is of the highest standard and with ambiguous areas being scrutinized by at least two people to ensure consistency and clarity of the transcript.

Transcription service provider should be an all rounder. Should be in a position to offer transcription services for: interviews; focus group discussions; conference and seminars; lectures / discussions / discourses; dispositions and hearings; dictations; legal and medical transcriptions; and academic research. Non digital audio files can be in form of audio cassette, compact discs, DVDs , mini disks. Video transcriptions should be availed in form of DVDs, video tapes, web casts , streaming media and pod casts. If a transcription service can transcribe from the aforementioned medias without any problem, then they qualify to be referred to us professional transcription service providers.

Most of the professional transcription service providers also offer data entry services. This means that, after they have transcribed for you, they are in a position to free your organization of valuable resource and outsource of data entry requirements by doing the  data entry of the transcripts. The data entry service should be provided by qualified and highly experienced professional data entry clerks to convert large quantities of papers from the transcripts to electronic data, usable in databases and document management systems.

The key feature of this data entry in a transcription service should have the following attributes; accuracy – this is to ensure that all the information transcribed is entered accurately without distorting the original meaning; it should be done in turn around time to enable the client to get the transcripts in electronic format in the fastest time possible.