Transcription Services UK

Transcription services UK provide high quality transcription services to several businesses and universities in UK. UK transcription services include transcription for meetings, interviews, presentations, focus groups, speeches, lectures, conference calls and phone calls. There are a number of UK transcription companies, which offer world class transcription services London and transcription services UK, in general.

The transcription work UK is mostly given as audio files, which are then converted into their written or printed versions by expert UK transcription professionals. Experts having extensive experience in completing transcription work UK provide highly accurate results in a timely and cost-effective manner. Transcription UK requires a highly tuned ear for comprehending complex recordings and a good command over English. In addition, experts also need to have the knowledge of industry specific terms and phrases, which only experts can understand.

Transcription companies UK provide several types of UK transcription services, which serve a number of domains. Specific services include –

Event and Conference Transcription

After the main event is over, the video or audio recording is meaningful and useful only to a set of people. In order to make the material accessible and relevant to a number of people, UK transcription services come in handy. Professional transcriptionists recreate the essence of the keynotes in a manner that the transcribed versions can be shared online and other for a range of functions.

Confidential Transcription

One of the commonest applications of UK transcription services is in legal investigations where confidentiality and accuracy hold high importance. A complete transcription must be able to record the events in a manner that there are 0% errors.

Media Transcription

Transcriptions services UK also finds applications in the field of media where these services are used for recording press conferences and podcasts. There are several key elements, which are unique to this form of transcription service. The transcribed version must be able to capture not just words, but also the accent, sound features and emotions of the speaker.

Research and Study

Documentation is an integral part of any form of study or research. This entails the recording of projects, reports and clinical trials. The most crucial element of this form of transcription is knowledge of the terminology specific to the subject. Therefore, no one less than an expert can do the task correctly.