Transcription Services Ireland

Transcription services have gained immense importance and popularity in the recent past. The growing need of businesses and institutions to connect with people who speak different languages and understand different dialects has led to the growing demand of these services.

Legal Transcription

One of the classic applications of transcription lies in the legal field. Several documents like trademarks, merger and acquisition agreements, wills and trusts, copyrights contracts and leases, in addition to several others. Besides, services like court reporting, data discovery and document management is also provided by transcription services Dublin.

Financial Transcription

The financial sector is a field of study that requires extensive experience of the domain for providing high quality transcription. Therefore, transcriptionists are required to undergo extensive training and have practical working experience to work in this domain of transcription. Transcription services Dublin provide a range of services of this domain, which include transcription for presentations and meetings. Besides, several documents like Bankruptcies, Annual Reports, Foreign Registration Filings, Fact Sheets, Marketing Material, Fund Reports and Monthly Statements fall under this domain of service.

Medical Transcription

One of the first fields to have used transcription as a service is the medical industry. Typing and dictation services are the two most commonly used types of these. The most crucial facet of medical transcription is that it requires medical knowledge in addition to linguistic proficiency. Transcription services Dublin are provided by medical experts and professionals who are native speakers of the language, which ensures 100% accuracy.

Media Transcription

Transcription services Dublin offers several media transcription services, which include transcription of interviews, audio-visual recordings, educational material, conference proceedings, corporate training videos and Focus Group transcriptions.

Transcription services Ireland provide a number of transcription services to suffice the needs of transcription needs of people from different fields and industries. Transcription services Dublin are provided by experienced transcriptionists who have extensive knowledge of their subjects and possess the caliber to provide accuracy of no less than 100%.