Top Trends in Transcription Agencies

Outsourcing to Transcription Agencies

Outsourcing transcription work to various transcription agencies has been a cost-effective alternative chosen by some companies as these agencies allow them to pay for these services only when the companies need them. As this is the case, more agencies are appearing alike offering similar services. The competition to gain more long-term customers has never been this high in these outsourced companies. Because of this, the trends in these online transcription companies have been constantly changing. Learn of the latest trends in these outsourced agencies to understand if you are getting the value for your money when you avail of these services.

Online Transcription Companies Trends

  • Outsourcing

While corporate establishments outsource transcription agencies, these agencies alike outsource their services from freelancers and other professionals. Mostly, agencies choose to outsource from countries with cheaper labor while at the same time having high English proficiency rating. Make sure that the transcription company agency that you are outsourcing has a reputable standing and is able to deliver your transcription needs accurately and promptly.

  • Web-based client interaction

As most of the transcribing work for corporations is outsourced, most interaction between agency and corporation is done online. Because of this, many transcription sites allow for web-based dedicated client interaction, which act as a way for clients to be updated with the progress of their work. These virtual dashboards allow quick interaction and feedback between client and agency, and allows for an easily accessible platform where the file exchange can be done and facilitated.

  • Automated transcription

Most companies and agencies use automated transcription methods allowing for faster transcribing and feedback. This automation relies on various speech recognition software products. As this method is fully automated, this is the quickest way to have audio transcribed. However, this has drawbacks. For more technical transcribing and audio involving speakers with heavier accents, the accuracy of the output is not assured. In this case, a human agent must still be utilized to correct and edit these automated transcripts.

The Trendiest of Transcription Websites

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