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Cheap Transcription Services UK Will Tell You What Transcription Is

When you have content in an audio or video format what you possess is known as an audio or video file or data. Transcription is a professional skill that requires a transcription expert to listen to a live speech, audio or video file and then write it into a document. Transcription is a data entry process where an expert like the cheap transcription services UK can provide affordable, world-class conversion of audio messages to a written or computer typeset document.

Why Cheap Transcription Services UK?

  • Saves time: Outsourcing your transcription needs can help save time for more tedious and rewarding activities.
  • SEO friendly: To make your website rank higher with SEO it is better to convert your audio files to text. Files in text format can get optimized better than audio files.
  • Subtitles: Subtitles make it possible for viewers to understand a video better by reading a spoken content in English or the viewer’s language.
  • Lecture notes, MoUs, & medical audio notes: Having lectures in audio format could sometimes be tiring to follow, and so cheap transcription services for students UK can help convert files to readable, written word documents. It could be stressful following audio seminar files, medical records and Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) are all files you could convert from audio to text via transcription. You can have audio data in print copy requiring real materials such as books, journals, contractual documents, etc.
  • Multiple languages: UK transcription of languages from one to another helps make it easy to understand your website content or books by an international audience.
  • Legal uses: Evidence in a courtroom can be in audio or video format and require transcription services UK to convert to word document.

Interesting Facts about Transcription

Transcription could be a minute by the minute direct writing of more than one person’s audio or video comment. Only ardent listeners can make expert transcriptionist with a high degree of accuracy. Audio or video files can come in different languages and only an expert who understands both languages can write it from one language to the other language accurately.

A professional can transcribe which means write or typeset at 70-100 wpm a live speech, audio, video, and even verbatim transcription into a word document. The average human can say a minimum of 140 words in one minute meanwhile you can only type 50 to 120 words in one minute.

Our List of Cheap Transcription Services UK

Being cheap does not make it less efficient, unprofessional or of low quality but only affordable and to encourage you to outsource.

Business Transcription UK

Transcription helps businesses focus on more profit-making functions and allow professional transcriptionist handle their transcription needs. For important business meeting transcription, conference calls you need urgent transcription UK service for precision and speedy delivery of your jobs.

Academic Transcription UK

Lecturer’s recording, downloadable audio lectures, seminars, conferences and more can provide academic materials in audio or visual format. Time is a major factor when it concerns research and educational project, classes, panel discussions, interviews for a dissertation.  So entrusting transcription service to someone with the least skills can worsen the situation. No matter your location worldwide or closer to transcription services London you can get reliable transcription service. Don’t forget to employ our professionals also for risk-free transcription of interviews, meetings, conferences when it concerns academic transcript UK.

Video Transcription UK

Three things make us your best option for a video to word transcription service. Let’s save you from the stress of spending so many hours transcribing files from audio to a word document. We bring our expertise, professionals with hands-on experience with relations to video transcription to transcribe your video to a word document.Thirdly, with fast turnaround time, your task can speedily be made available for your next meeting. There are so many reasons to trust us for video transcription UK services and enjoy high-quality transcription with peace of mind.

Audio Transcription UK

Live speech, court proceedings, audio or video evidence or testimonials, live speech at conference and seminars, audio lectures and more are our specialty. We carefully listen to and write to precision your audio or video content. As one of the leading audio transcription UK service provider, we take delight in providing top-notch audio to word transcription with fast turnaround time and at very affordable rates.

Interview Transcription UK

Journalists usually get a lot of audio and video files from their interviews and press conferences that may need transcribing services UK. We have a clear understanding of how much pressure it takes when trying to meet deadlines. Going back and forth listening to an audio message in search of a particular fact somewhere could be hectic. Let’s help you put it in the right words and then you can spot what you need without stress. Our group of audio typist London is always on ground to help. That way, you save time, energy and money at last.

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  • Southampton
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Why Choose US?

As part of our unique service, we offer transcription for multiple languages across the popular ones listed above with a quality precision of 99%. Our team of native English transcriptionist comprises of highly educated professionals from various academic disciplines covering several niches. What you get with us is an unbeatable price offer with round the clock customer support, easy payment processing, easy to navigate site, privacy of personal information. At our cheap transcription services, UK, we assure you of maximum satisfaction and strict adherence to deadlines so no worries with delays. And if case you do not feel satisfied with our service you got nothing to lose as you enjoy risk-free money back guarantee.

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