Top Australian Transcription Companies

What to Look for in a Transcription Company

If you are in need of having something transcribed ,what are the main requirements in an Australian transcription company that you should be looking for? The first and most obvious would be the accuracy of the transcription taken from your digital audio or video file. It is also important that you receive your transcription on time. Even the most accurate transcription may prove to be of little use to you if it has failed to be delivered on time. It is also desirable that the process of contracting transcription services be relatively easy and problem free with good support. If too laborious then the reason for hiring a service is somewhat defeated. Price is also usually a consideration when contracting for any outside service and should be affordable and within the assigned budget.

Australian Transcription Companies that Provide Accurate Transcriptions

To get good quality and accurate transcriptions, it is the transcribers that are most crucial to the process. They must be fluent and extremely well versed in the language being transcribed. They should also have a certain expertise in the field they are being asked to do the transcription in. It would be virtually impossible for somebody to give an accurate transcription in the field of chemistry if they didn’t have some kind of background in chemistry. There are many Australian transcription companies that fail in both these regards. In the interest of keeping overhead down they hire transcribers who are less than fluent in the language and who have no background in the area of the transcription assigned them, or they use software that often fails due to accents and other variables that only a live person can catch. All of our Australian Transcription company transcribers have an area they are experienced in and work on transcriptions in that area.

Placing an Order for Transcription Services

We have kept the process for ordering a transcription job as painless and easy as possible. A price estimate is easily obtainable with our online estimate generator. After entering your requirements an estimate will be sent to you. Order with our online form and attach your digital file with the form.(Any information concerning your transcription order or payment information will be kept strictly confidential).Pay online and confirm your order with us and the process is complete. With our 24 hours a day,7 day a week support  there is always a quick response to any order status updates or other concerns you may have. We are among the easiest of all Australian transcription companies to place an order with or get a fast response from.

Affordable Pricing

With the highest quality transcriptions and on time delivery to meet your schedule guaranteed as well as 24/7 support, our services are still available at an affordable price. The highest quality and most accurate transcriptions delivered on time with an easy order process, around the clock support and affordable rates add up to the best Australian Transcription company for any of your transcription needs.