The Truth about Transcription Prices Online

Factors Affecting Transcription Prices

Various factors affect transcription prices and learning of how these factors are taken into consideration when pricing transcription will work to your advantage as you can gauge affordability. While outsourcing transcription is cheaper than hiring a full-time secretary to provide you dedicated transcription services, it is as well still important to know how audio transcription rates go in this business. Here are some of the factors that affect the price of transcription.

  • Length of audio

Automatically, the longer the audio, the higher price you are required to pay for the transcription. However, some companies choose to have a base price for audio lengths. Some companies have a minimum of five-minute rule, wherein the minimum charge for audio length is five minutes. If your audio is shorter than five minutes, the charge of five minutes still holds.

  • Number of speakers

The number of speakers in the audio or video being transcribed can affect the rates for transcription greatly. As this is the case, conference transcription is more expensive than simple monologue transcriptions. A transcriptionist is to discern the different speakers in the audio or video and this is why it is more difficult and more expensive for more number of speakers in the audio.

  • Sound quality

Sound quality can greatly affect transcription prices. Files with lower sound qualities can fetch higher prices as post-processing of the sounds may be needed in order to properly interpret and transcribe the audio. Moreover, it is harder for a transcriptionist to interpret sound files with speakers of heavier accents, leading to more time and costing more than standard accents.

  • Turnaround rate

A quick turnaround rate can greatly increase the cost of transcription. Rushed transcription work costs significantly more than the usual rate. A professional transcriptionist can transcribe an hour of audio for 3-4 hours. Having to rush means acquiring more transcriptionists to do your work more quickly. In this light, it is best to avoid rush transcriptions to save more money.

Other Factors Affecting Audio Transcription Rates

Transcription prices can also be affected by post-processing requirements such as translation, editing, proofreading and correcting grammar. As a client, you must take into consideration your requirements in order to find the most affordable and cost-effective transcription service. We provide reasonable and competitive transcription rates for all your transcribing needs. In addition, we strive to provide you with the highest satisfaction and the highest quality of service. Whether you choose regular processing or rush transcribing, you are assured of maximum accuracy and minimal errors. Contact us to learn more of our services and a responsive and accommodating customer staff member will provide you with quick feedback and assistance. Avail of our services now and we promise your satisfaction with us.