The Technique of MP3 Transcription

MP3 Transcription Techniques

MP3 is probably the most popular file format for audio transcription as most recording devices and transcription software are able to play and facilitate the file format. In addition, MP3 is easily convertible into different file formats through easily downloadable codecs and conversion systems. The method for MP3 transcription is similar to transcription of other file formats. MP3 can be transcribed into text either through automated or manual means. An MP3 file can undergo automated speech transcription wherein the audio and the speech is instantly converted into text without having to exert any effort. Manual transcription of MP3 entails a transcriptionist manually typing the speech being heard from the audio file. Manual transcription takes longer but is more accurate than automated transcription especially when dealing with speakers of stronger accents and poor sound quality files.

Issues with MP3 to Text Transcription

Indeed automated MP3 to text transcription is the easiest way to transcribe the speech. However, several issues are faced when using automated software. For speakers with heavier accents, accurate transcription may be difficult. In addition, in dealing with files with poor sound quality, such automated processes may face several problems. Despite the optimizing power available to people writing transcriptions, a software product can only optimize so much without further decreasing sound quality. Moreover, in dealing with MP3 files, which are lossy files, the ability to further optimize sound is hampered due to the encoding of the MP3 file itself. In this light, professional or manual transcription may be required to ensure accurate transcriptions. While choosing to manually transcribe by cheaper, it is a time consuming task and it requires much patience and skill.

Professional Transcription MP3

Hiring professional transcription MP3 services may be intimidating but in the long run it is a cheaper and more convenient alternative. You only pay for the service that you need. The challenge now is to be able to find a reliable MP3 transcription service which can provide you with accurate transcriptions every time. AudioTranscriptionServices provides such service and is able to encode and transcribe your MP3 files with the highest accuracy and the fastest turnaround rates. As we are staffed with professional transcriptionists who have racked hours off transcription services, you are assured of receiving speech transcriptions of the highest accuracy. In addition, we provide editing and proofreading services for free to ensure that you get the most accurate transcriptions within the shortest turnaround time. We are dedicated to providing you with the highest satisfaction and this is why our services, although premium, come in affordable and cost-effective prices. We put the highest value for your money to ensure that you gain maximum satisfaction.