The Specifics of Conference Transcription

Conference transcription is a service that students and professionals such as legal, medical experts, financial experts, property, and even corporate organizations are in need of. Professionals tend to have conferences to further their company’s growth and to stay updated in the latest trend in their industry. Normally, conferences have one to two speakers or even more depending on the scope of the conference, where the final part is mostly open to questions being answered. Conferences these days are being digitally recorded so participants can focus more on the presentation rather than taking down notes. Unfortunately, transcribing such file is not an easy task especially when the recording is not that good.

More on Conference Transcription

One reason why transcriptions of conferences are considered to be special is the fact that you will be going through a lengthy recording with multiple speakers. The format of this type of transcription usually lists the details first such as who ordered the transcription, when the order is placed, and the file format. It is then followed by a list of speakers and their designated number before proceeding to the text proper. The details are important to help readers understand the flow of the dialogue within the conference. It can be in verbatim or paraphrased depending on your need. The transcript should contain time stamps too for easy recall by those who participated. For those who have attended a conference and have recorded said event, you will need to transcribe your recording in order to get the information you need.

Professional Conference Call Transcription

The biggest challenge that you will face after the conference is transcribing your digital recording. Unless you have some experience with this kind of work and you have the appropriate tools on hand, you can proceed with the transcription process. However, if you are pressed for time or the quality of your digital recording is not as good as you hoped it would be, you are better off hiring an expert affordable transcription company instead. The same can be said when you have recorded a conference call. If the audio isn’t clear due to noise or poor reception, you will still need a professional service to help clean up your file so that the contents can be converted appropriately. Fortunately, there are dozens of companies to choose from especially online but take into account that not all of them can give you accurate results. For this you need to look for a trusted and highly recommended company like ours to ensure that you are getting your money’s worth. And you know what the best part is? We offer quality service at the best price possible.

Conference transcription

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Using automatic transcription may be all well and good but when it comes to conference call transcription, you will need to stick with the tried and tested professional transcriptionists for accuracy. Transcription tools can certainly help in speeding up the process but they may compromise the quality which can be a problem. Our service, therefore, is one worth hiring because aside from having the latest transcription program and equipment on board, we also have expert transcriptionists working for us who are very much capable of converting conference recordings into text form accurately. All that you have to do is send your file to us, pay the fees, and we’ll work on it immediately.

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