Tape transcription services

Do you need tape transcription services?

Taking a tape or digital recording and converting it to a text file is a far more difficult job than most people realize. Even if you had the time to do the work you would have to be able to be able to recognize the accents of the people that are talking as well as distinguish them over any background noise. Being able to play the tape in a manner that allows you to type accurately is also going to be a major factor in being able to produce an accurate transcription in a timely manner. This is why most people and businesses will outsource their tape transcription to a professional company.

Where to find good tape transcription services

Whether video or audio tapes there are many websites that will offer to provide you with your transcription. The problem as always online is finding the service that you can actually trust to deliver and not just run away with your money. You need to select a professional and trustworthy service such as ours so that you can be sure that your dictaphone transcription will be done quickly and to a very high level of accuracy.

Why choose our tape transcription?

We aim to always fully satisfy every client and that means ensuring that our staff are the very best that you can find. We spend a huge amount of our time in recruiting the very best qualified and highly experienced transcribers to provide you with the service that you need. We also provide them and you with all of the backup and support that they may need.

  • Fully qualified and experienced transcribers
  • Subject qualified transcribers for technical areas (such as medical and legal)
  • Full recognition of different accents and dialects
  • Full range of international languages and translation
  • 100% on time delivery
  • Verbatim or proofread/edited transcriptions
  • Time stamps available on request
  • Ability to play different formats of flies and tapes
  • Text files produced in any format
  • Full confidentiality
  • Secure files storage

Guaranteed tape transcription

Our tape transcription services are provided covered by a full money back guarantee. Should you feel that anything has been provided in any way short of your expectations just let us know and we will ensure that the problems are corrected quickly and efficiently or your money will be returned. We aim for total satisfaction at all times; after all we want you to return to us for all of your cheap transcription needs. So if you need to make use of the very best tape transcription service available on the internet just get in touch with the experts here today.