Rules of Verbatim Transcription

professional verbatim transcriptionVerbatim transcription is the process in which the spoken word is converted into text in such a way that the message is accurately captured and in the manner in which it was spoken. This means that you need to have a keen sense of hearing and that you are quite particular in capturing even the tiniest detail. Verbatim transcript isn’t done just by vaguely listening and typing but it requires attention to the tone and following some verbatim transcription rules, sound, and word in order to place the right punctuation to be able to deliver the message across. In short, this is a job that only professional transcriptionists can do accurately hence the need for digital transcription services.

5 Rules for Verbatim Transcription

  • Don’t forget non-verbal communication. Communication doesn’t revolve around words only but it can include pauses, laughter, hand gestures, and so on. This means that you also need to note these down during transcription to provide the best account of the recording. For example, if both the speakers speak simultaneously, you should indicate this using /. The symbol, =, is used when the two lines are said one after the other without any gap or pause. A full stop should be added for short pauses with each second being represented. Pauses that are longer than 4 seconds should be put indicated as well using brackets and they should be italicized.
  • Take note of external sounds. When transcribing in verbatim, you also need to note the external sounds recorded. External sounds can be side conversations, opening and closing of doors, as well as people walking. These sounds should be included in the transcript with the appropriate time stamps.
  • Catch false starts and fillers. False starts are basically sentences that are began but never ended. Fillers, on the other hand, are usually ahs, uhms, and you knows which are typically used to get more time to think.
  • Don’t paraphrase. There are some transcriptionists who tend to paraphrase the recording to give a general idea of the message instead of typing everything. Although this may be accepted in the business industry because it is easier to read, analysts and researchers prefer to get verbatim transcripts since they convey more information as opposed to paraphrased transcripts.
  • Speaker Pauses. If you want to indicate a mid-statement pause, use before and after an em dash (—) with a space.

Full Verbatim Transcription Service

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Professional Transcription Service

When it comes to full verbatim transcription rules, you should let the pros do this for you. Not only does this save you time, but you’ll also get accurate results since they have the knowledge, skills, equipment, and most of all time to focus on your recording to retrieve its exact content. And if ever you need a professional affordable transcription service, make sure that you choose us because we’ll make sure that you get your money’s worth.

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