Research Transcription via Skype – How Is It Possible?

What is research transcription and why might you need it?

Research Transcription via SkypeDoing research will usually require you to gather and analyze data. More often than not this will involve the use of a questionnaire and at times interviews. Interviews can be conducted, face to face, over the phone and even through software such as Skype. Using Skype will allow you to access many different people anywhere in the world and as long as you have a good enough internet connection you will be able to conduct and record your interview. Recording interviews allows you to concentrate on what is actually being said rather than worrying about taking notes. However at the end of the interviewing process you will need to have the interviews transcribed for analysis. It is very difficult to scan audio or video recordings to find information or to search for similarities and so forth. We need a written text based document from which to do our research and that generally will mean searching for research transcription services unless you have a huge amount of time and patience to do the transcription yourself.

How to conduct and record a Skype interview for your transcription

Skype is a very handy tool to use for online interviews and as long as your internet connection is good enough will allow you have a reasonable quality audio recording from which to transcribe. Before you start however you will need to download software which you can use to make your actual recording. You can use:

  • MP3 Skype recorder; Install the software and set it up for the highest quality recording; 44100khz sample rate, 128kbos bit rate and stereo mode. ( )
  • Cam Studio; free to download and use screen recording software that will record both the audio and video from your Skype call (

Both of these pieces of software are very simple to use and setup with just a small amount of practice. However follow the tips below if you want to ensure that your recording is of a good quality for Skype transcription:

  • Use a microphone rather than the inbuilt mic in your computer
  • Position the microphone correctly; too close and it will distort, too far and you may have issues with background sound
  • Do a test recording before you begin; ensure that you are familiar enough with the recording software and also the sound quality is correct. Do a test run with a friend before you start the interviews
  • Make sure that your laptop is plugged in or has sufficient charge before you begin
  • Speak clearly into the microphone and do not speak over the subject

We can provide guaranteed research transcription services for your Skype recording

Once you have your Skype interviews recorded our professional services can ensure that your audio is accurately transcribed into the format that you require for your research. We are a professional company and despite having some of the lowest rates that you will find online we only use the very best staff to work with our clients. When you ask us for research transcription it will be provided by a transcriber who is:

  • A fully qualified and experienced transcriber
  • Holds a higher degree in an area relevant to your research so that they understand what is being discussed ensuring an accurate transcription
  • Has a full understanding of academic formats and referencing for your text
  • Has native level English skills
  • Has all of the software and skills to deal with difficult recordings and accents

So if you need accurate research and interview transcription at a highly competitive and affordable price just contact our experts today and we will provide what you need and cover it with our money back full satisfaction guarantee.

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