Reasons to Convert Audio to Text

With many business depending heavily on telecommunications for running of their businesses, it has become essential for them to have accurate transcription services of their meetings, interviews and business calls for later references. Our vast experience in the field of audio transcription has made us specialists in converting speech to text to create accurate, readable and reliable transcripts.

Converting audio to text

Our difference with the rest in the audio transcription service providers in the field include: our audio to text programme offers high accuracy of 110%. Our transcription team consists of experienced audio transcriptionists who are trained to convert your audio files with the highest levels of quality and accuracy. Added to this, we also employ certified proofreaders who check the transcribed files for errors. We are capable of transcribing audio files from any kind of format including audio/video cassettes, CDs, DVDs and other digital formats like aac, avi, dss, mov, mp3, mp4, wav, wma etc, into the preferred format of your choice either doc, text, or PDF. Additionally, we are also capable of transcribing audio saved on call graph skype recorder, free call recorder software for skype. We also deliver the completed transcripts as per your instructions, via email secure FTP transfers or CD-ROM.

Audio to text conversion

Our quick turn around times helps you keep to your busy schedule. We take an approximately 7 to 10 hours (depending on the audio quality), with an additional hour for proofreading to return the completed transcripts. We understand your need for data security. Our stringent data security policies include secure remote access (VPN) and signing of non disclosure/confidentiality agreements. When you become our client, you will gain the benefit of continual client support. Our friendly customer support team, available 24/7 via phone, email and website, will guide you through any queries or doubts that you have. We offer flexible pricing options that are designed to suit your specific need and budget. Clients can choose to pay for every audio minute or hour. For large transcription projects, we also offer our free trial option. We do all our best to ensure that you receive superior quality transcriptions. Our joy is to make you a satisfied client, who will keep coming to seek our services and refer other clients to us.

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