Reasons to Choose Verbatim Transcription Services

When to Require Verbatim Transcription

Verbatim Transcription is converting an audio sound into its exact written version with 100% accuracy. Important audio files that contain information, verbal and non-verbal which are useful to derive at a conclusion are best transcribed in detail, including background noise, fillers, and low utterances. Taking note of these non-verbal sounds aims at meeting the requirement and the specific purpose of the audio file. With a comprehensive conversion of an audio into a text form, the document expectedly becomes more reliable in its written version than in its audio version. This type of transcription meets the demands of a specific market.

Here are the top reasons why there is a need for a verbatim transcription service.

  • First, when the document is needed as a court reference, mainly for legal purposes.
  • Secondly, interview for a market research specifies that background noise and what was happening with the surroundings are important in capturing the mental condition of the respondent at the time of the interview.
  • Finally, when low sound utterances in the audio file are more important than the rest of its verbal parts in the case of other related fields with the same needs.

Choosing the Right Verbatim Transcription Service

Choosing the right verbatim transcription service depends on the level of detail needed.  There are two choices for this; true verbatim and intelligent verbatim.

True Verbatim is required when there is a need to capture all non-verbal communications involved in the audio recording. Pauses and hesitations are expressions that can sometimes contribute to the reliability of the document file to be used as an exhibit in a court of law. In market research and other related fields, pauses, low utterances, and fillers are sometimes use as concluding points whether or not the points made by the respondents can be used in determining market movements and trends.

Intelligent Verbatim is almost like true verbatim, only that it does not have the same level of detail, as the transcriber performs minor editing. It is called intelligent verbatim because of the transcriber’s wise judgments as to what affects the document and what does not. In this type of verbatim transcription service, Transcribers should discuss with the client to identify what to include and what to leave out.