Rates for Business Transcription Services

Why would you need a business transcription service?

Technology today means that it is very simple indeed to make an audio or video recording of everything from a meeting through to an interview or even a conference. However few businesses today have any secretarial or administrative support to convert those recordings into text for easier use. Other staff within the business are too important or too busy to do the transcription so the company has to outsource the work to a business transcription service to have it done.

Where can you find a good business transcription service?

Business transcription services and secretarial support are a booming online industry as so many businesses around the world have shed their in house capabilities. With this huge demand has cone a proliferation in the number of services that are offering all forms of services. The problem is that there is a huge difference between what a well meaning individual using media player and a copy of word can produce compared to a true professional transcriber with dedicated software. Many “cheap” services will employ the cheapest freelancers they can find to do your work in the belief that anyone can listen to an audio track and write down what they hear. The result is that these services are very slow, miss deadlines and produce work that is highly inaccurate.

We offer highly accurate business transcription services

We are a professional business transcription and audio text transcription services; our staff are highly qualified and very experienced at what they do. We will match your work to a professional that has experience with the accents and languages involved within your file and also with the subject. We fully understand that the person doing the work has to fully understand what is being spoken about especially in critical areas such as medical or legal transcription. We provide highly affordable rates and you can check business transcription rates by following the links from our business transcription home page.

Guaranteed business transcription

Our business transcription service is covered by a full money back guarantee. We will provide highly accurate transcriptions in the format that you require on time. Our aim is your total satisfaction so that the next time you need audio transcription work doing you will immediately turn to us without any concerns. If you need a highly affordable and reliable business transaction service just fill out our order form today.