Professional Transcription Services UK

Finding UK transcription services is not always as straightforward as it should be, just using the first transcription service you come to online is no guarantee that it is going to be able to provide you with good transcription services UK. The internet is such that even if you use transcription services London they could be using staff the other side of the world with poor English skills.

Selecting professional transcription services UK

Many transcription services that offer a UK transcription service or even US English do not employ staff able to provide those services. Because of the ease of being able to set up a website it is simple for less than scrupulous companies to set up business and then outsource the work to freelancers that have no qualifications and often speak very poor English just so they can get away with paying them only a few quid a day.

Hence the need to be very selective when finding your transcription services UK; we can provide you with UK transcription services through suitably qualified staff who fully understand the use of UK English rather than American English.

A UK transcription service has to be able to:

  • Understand UK spelling
  • Know UK slang
  • Comprehend British accents
  • Know UK formats

Selecting our staff

We don’t employ cheap freelancers sitting in dingy internet cafes on the other side of the world. Our staff have native English skills as well as holding a PhD or a Masters degree. Each is highly experienced in transcription and has all of the necessary tools to ensure that they can do the job correctly.

Through our service if you need a transcription service UK we will select the relevant member of staff who has qualifications in your subject area as well as being able to write in UK English. They will be able to provide you a document that contains UK English spelling and terminology. In addition their experience will allow them to be able to understand some of the broader UK accents that other services will just never be able to handle.

Our transcription services UK guarantee

We focus our service to satisfy our customers not to make a quick profit. We aim to build successful relationships with our clients based around our ability to reliably provide accurate transcriptions. We fully guarantee the quality and the delivery of all transcriptions through our transcription services UK and will correct any issues free of charge. There is a full money back guarantee so you there are no risks to you through engaging our service.

We also use the latest security techniques and software to protect your files as well as having all of our staff sign a confidentiality agreement thus protecting your data.

For a zero risk high quality service get in touch with our professional transcription services UK today!