Professional Transcription Services for You

Transcription services are something that are in constant demand due to it now being so easy to record everything that we do. Your dictation can now we taken on your mobile phone and conferences and meetings can be simply videoed or recorded. The resulting files can then be quickly downloaded and passed on to professional transcription services to be turned into a text document.

This article examines:

  • Why you need people for transcription services
  • Where to find good transcription services
  • How we select our staff
  • The guarantees that we provide you

Why human transcription services?

If you have ever tried to use software to transcribe the human voice you will understand how difficult it is to train the software and how inaccurate it can be. Software has real difficulties in understanding different accents, different people and can fail to differentiate between many similar sounding words. You can spend more time trying to find and correct the problems after than you would take in doing the transcription yourself.

Finding a good transcription service

Good transcription services are hard to find like many other internet services, there are many services that offer poor quality transcriptions that use unqualified labor overseas that often does not even speak good English. If you want a good professional service you have to use a company such as ours that only hires the very best staff to supply our services. Transcription done by cheap labor will never satisfy even the least discriminating individuals.

Our transcription service staff

Our staff are all very highly qualified and very experienced; each has a PhD or Masters degree from an accredited university and all have Native English speaking skills. Our staff will work with you only within those areas in which they are qualified so as to ensure that your transcription is as accurate as it can be.

Our transcription services staff are very experienced and are capable of dealing with even difficult and obscure accents.

Our transcription services guarantee

Through our professional transcription services you are fully protected, every file that we receive will be protected by our secure system to ensure that the only people that access your files are those that are working on them. Through us you can be 100% confident that your work will remain confidential, even our staff are bound by confidentiality agreements.

We guarantee every transcription that we produce, if you feel that it is inaccurate in any way or not formatted as you requested then we will correct the problems free of charge or we will return your money directly to you.

Our transcription services are completely safe and reliable so get in touch today for the very best transcription services online!