Professional Transcription Services Canada

It is very simple to record business meetings, interviews, conferences, dictate reports and a host of other recordings but when you have finished more often than not you still need to convert that recording into a written form. But finding reliable and accurate transcription services Canada is never easy.

Through this article you will learn:

  • Where to find transcription services Canada
  • Staff requirements for transcription
  • Our transcription guarantees

Finding transcription services Canada

When you search the internet for transcription services Canada you will come across many different transcription companies in Canada. However with the nature of the internet it does not mean that they or their staff are located in Canada or even a western English speaking country. Many of the transcription Canada companies will in fact take your order and give it to an individual with no qualifications and a poor grasp of English so that they can maximize their profits at your expense.

Our transcription services Canada however only employs graduate degree holders with native English skills ensuring that you get the best possible service. Each transcriber has a huge amount of experience and only works within their areas of qualification ensuring that they understand all of the relevant terminology and language. If you require French transcription we have suitably qualified French speaking transcribers also.

What can transcription services Canada provide?

Whether it is transcription services Toronto or transcription services Vancouver or any other part of Canada we have the qualified staff to help. Canada transcription can be provided according to your needs; we can provide you with verbatim transcription which will capture everything that is said, even the filler words such as “you understand?”, “right” or “OK?” and your pauses and false starts. Our experts can also use their skills to provide you with a “near-verbatim” service which will ignore those extra words and sounds leaving only the main stream of what you have to say.

If you require your work to be fully polished then we can provide you with fully edited transcriptions that will be suitable for academic reports, theses or even publication.

Guarantees for transcription services Canada

We guarantee your complete confidentiality when using our services as well as the highest levels of service and quality. While your files are with us they will be fully protected using the latest in software and methods. Our staff also sign non-disclosure agreements protecting your work.

Our quality guarantee means that should you feel that something is not 100% correct we will happily correct it for you free of charge or we will be providing you with a full refund.

We aim for total satisfaction of all of our clients; after all we are looking for you to return every time you need transcription services Canada.