Professional Transcription Services Australia

Transcription is becoming one of the most sought after outsourced service due to the simplicity of being able to record your own voice for dictation or even record whole meetings and conferences. Whether it is an interview or a chapter for your thesis however you will still need to get that recording converted into text and this is where you need to contact transcription services Australia.

Why do I need a professional transcription service?

There are many transcription services Australia but some will not provide you with a reliable or accurate service. The internet is littered with many services that offer substandard work just so they can try to make a quick buck off of your back. Many will try to use software to transcribe your work and others will use cheap labor. Either way they are never going to match the quality of our transcription services Australia.

Software is very unreliable, even if you use it just for yourself it takes forever to learn how you talk and even then it will make a huge number or errors in transcription. Trying to use speech recognition software for a variety of different voices and accents will never work successfully.

Employing freelancers from third world countries because they are cheap is just a hugely bad idea. They do not understand the subject; they often cannot follow the accents and more often than not, they barely speak English themselves.

This is why for transcription Australia you must use a professional transcription service such as ours.

Our professional transcription staff

Our transcription service Australia are provided by fully qualified and experienced staff not cheap freelancers or computers. Each of our staff has a PhD or Masters degree and will work for you within the areas in which they are qualified to work only. Australian transcription is also conducted only by those with native English skills which all of our staff possess.

Our staff:

  • Understand the Australian accent
  • Know Australian slang and terminology
  • Can follow Australian document formats

Choose transcription services Australia

Our Australia transcription service is the best on the market, not just because of the staff that make up the backbone of our service but because of the guarantees and security that we provide. All files within our system are fully protected by the latest software and even our staff are required to sign non-disclosure agreements about the work that they conduct.

We fully guarantee the quality as well as the delivery of your transcription through our transcription services Australia. If you are unhappy in any way it can be fixed free of charge or you can take back your money.

For a secure and risk free service contact transcription services Australia today!