Professional Digital Transcription Services

The technical age that we live in makes it very simple for us to record or to video meetings, conferences and even interviews, the trouble is however that we do not yet have the software to then convert those recordings to a written form. This means that we have to go hunting for digital transcription services to convert those files into text.

Where can you find digital transcription services?

Digital audio transcription services can be found online with relative ease as there are many websites claiming to provide the service, however many of these services will disappoint. Too many websites claim to offer a digital transcription service in the hope of making a quick buck; they employ no one themselves and will seek out a cheap freelancer to provide your service. They will select the cheapest they can find so as to maximize their profit and your transcription will be done by an inexperienced individual with no grasp of your subject area or even the English language.

This is why you need to find a company such as ours which can provide you with professional digital transcription services that are accurate and provided reliably on time.

Our transcriptions are superior because:

  • We don’t use transcription software
  • We don’t hire freelancers
  • Our staff have native English skills

How can we provide quality digital transcription services?

Our digital transcription service is the best because we take time and care to ensure that we hire the very best staff in the business. Every one of our staff has been fully tested during their interviews and each has a huge amount of experience in providing quality digital transcription services. They all hold graduate degrees (Masters or PhD) and will work within the subject areas of their qualifications.

Their experience and qualifications mean that they are very capable of providing you with the very best digital transcription services available online.

Guaranteed digital transcription services

Our digital audio transcription services come with a full guarantee, we know that our staff will provide you with exactly what you are looking for; but if you feel that they have failed in some way we will happily correct any deficiency or provide you with your money back. The most important thing to us is your complete satisfaction and that is how we keep our customers coming back to use our services.

We also value your security; we utilize the best in security software to protect your files while they are within our possession. They will be fully deleted after your service so that we can maintain your privacy fully. All of our staff also sign our non-disclosure document preventing them from every discussing their work.

For secure, guaranteed, reliable digital transcription services come to the professionals here today!