Professional and Cheap Transcription Services

A key part of any decision making process is always the cost and this is why many will seek out cheap transcription services. The problem is at what point do you draw the line between the price that you pay and the quality of the service that you receive?

The problems with cheap transcription services

Many cheap transcription services do not provide a quality service, their transcriptions are cheap and you get precisely what you pay for. Transcription services rates vary enormously but the cheapest are generally cheap for a variety of reasons:

  • They use software to provide your transcription
  • They hire cheap freelancers without experience or qualifications
  • They hire staff with non-native English skills

This allows them to make a good profit even though they are undercutting the competition but they fail to provide the customer with a satisfactory service through their cheap transcription service.

How can we provide cheap transcription services?

Ours are affordable transcription services, we are not the cheapest on the market but we are a long way from being the most expensive. We do not aim to make a huge profit from each transaction that we make; we prefer to take a long term view of each transaction and we aim to provide a level of service that will encourage you to return for all of your transcription needs. By providing top quality affordable transcription services we keep the cost of transcription services down. This is because we do not waste our money dealing with problems or irate customers, nor do we have to advertise as much as we have many local repeat customers.

Our transcription staff

Our top quality professional transcription services are provided by only the very best educated and experienced staff. We interview and test our staff and only select those who hold PhDs or a Masters Degree to provide our services. Their superior skills ensure that our services are problem free and can thus remain cheap transcription services.

Guaranteed cheap transcription services

We are happy to provide you with a full money back guarantee for our services as we know that you will be fully satisfied with the service that we provide. We pride ourselves on the levels of customer satisfaction that we achieve and the number of clients that happily return to us for their transcription services. Should you not be happy we will endeavor to correct the problem at no charge or will offer to refund your money.

There is no risk to you by using our service so give us a try and check out the quality of our cheap transcription services!