[Press Release] Cheap Transcription Services Now Available in Danish, Dutch & Spanish

November 6, 2014 – Los Angeles, CA – Cheap Transcription Services, available at cheaptranscriptionservices.net has expanded its service offering to include three new languages: Danish, Dutch and Spanish.

Anyone who needs a professional Danish transcription, a professional Dutch transcription or a professional Spanish transcription is invited to visit the company’s website, cheaptranscriptionservices.net and request a price quote.

The information needed to request a quote is as follows: e-mail address, phone number, transcription type, recording length (in minutes), number of speakers and turnaround time.

Cheaptranscriptionservices.net guarantees timely delivery, free proofreading and 99% accuracy. They also offer a money back guarantee if a customer’s needs are not fully satisfied.

Dutch, Danish and Spanish transcription services have become more desirable in recent years. Hence, cheap transcription services have employed experts who are able to meet the needs of its customers.

Although these services are in demand right now, cheaptranscriptionservices.net guarantees to maintain its low rates.

For more information on the company’s Dutch, Danish and/or Spanish translation services, please visit its website, cheaptranscriptionservices.net. There is a live chat option to assist potential customers is receiving immediate service. You may also contact cheap transcription services via telephone or e-mail at support@cheaptranscriptionservices.net.