Voicemail Transcription Service

A voicemail transcription service can turn those voicemails into any written format that you need them to be in. Most companies have to look outside for transcription services as few companies today carry dedicated admin staff; certainly not talented transcribers. The problem is in finding a quality professional voicemail transcription service that is reliable and accurate.

How does our voicemail transcription service work?

When you provide us with your recordings for transcription we will select the most appropriate transcriber to do your work. They will contact you and discuss your precise requirements. They will discuss the type of transcription you require; many people want something called intelligent or near verbatim which allows the transcriber to ignore false starts, filling words, grunts and so forth when producing your transcription.

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We provide the following types of transcription:

  • Verbatim (Every word recorded)
  • Near Verbatim (Words that are not required are ignored)
  • Fully edited transcription (Transcription will be suitable for academic use or publication)

Your transcriber will also discuss what format and software you want your transcription completed within. Your transcription can be completed in any format or software that you require; our voicemail transcription services will ensure that they produce exactly what you are asking for.

Once it is clear exactly what you are asking for the transcriber will get to work and deliver your transcription within the deadline that you have requested.

How do we staff our voicemail transcription service?

Our service relies very heavily on the quality of the staff that we employ; we aim to provide you with the best voicemail transcription service and as such need to employ the best staff. We only hire highly experienced and qualified transcribers, each of whom holds a graduate degree. We select those staff best suited through their qualifications and experience to work on your specific project.

Guaranteed voicemail transcription service

Our total satisfaction guarantee ensures that if you are unhappy in any way we will fix the problem at no charge or refund your money ensuring you use our service at no risk to yourself or your business.

We also ensure your full confidentiality by protecting your voice recordings fully using the latest technology while they are in our possession.  All documents and other files are deleted once the job has been accepted ensuring your security. Our staff all sign non-disclosure agreements preventing them from discussing your work.

For a very accurate, reliable and secure voicemail transcription service get in touch today and we will guarantee to meet all of your needs.

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