Transcribing Words

We can convert any speech to text. Bring it on DVD, CD streema, you tube, we are able to transcribe for you using our transcription services offered by our very own professional transcribers.

Transcribing minutes

You have that important meeting and you require someone to transcribe the proceedings of the meeting, we will offer that someone. Our transcribers are trained in various fields in order to satisfy the needs of our clients. If we are given the opportunity to transcribe the minutes, there are things our professional transcribers keep in mind: they have to note the time, date and place the meeting took place; they use quality devices to record the minutes so that when they are playing back, the sound produced is clear. This will enable them to produce quality minutes for the meeting that will be appreciated by our client.

Words transcription

When you use our word transcription, you wont waste time looking up words in the dictionary. English phonetics can be very difficult and confusing. There are no strict guidelines on how to pronounce words in English – the same letter can be pronounced differently in different words. Moreover, same word can be pronounced differently by native English speakers from different countries or even from the same country. Our free online word transcription will allow you to convert English text to its phonetic transcription. This tool will save you a lot of time – you wont have to look up for the pronunciation of unknown words in dictionary. If you use it regularly, it will help you improve your pronunciation and listening skills in English language.  Our professionals have this as a plus to their skills.

Transcribe word

We catch the difficult words, do research and produce rocking transcripts. We ask the right questions in order to come out with quality work. Once you come to us, you will always refer a friend to us – why? Because will we always come out with the best work for our clients. In our records, we don’t have a client who ever came for his money back yet we have that service of money back for any one who does not feel satisfied with our services.