Transcribing Meeting Minutes

The meeting is over, now the headache is how to transcribe the minutes to quality text. Our professional writers are ready to offer their quality services to you so that you can keep them on record for future reference.

Transcribing meeting minutes

If you don’t bring your minutes to professionals, it can be a harder task transcribing meeting minutes. Transcribing minutes will mean striking the right balance between reproducing too little and too many notes you took at your meetings. Furthermore you must exercise sharp listening skills. To do it with our professionals, they take there professionalism to test by doing them immediately you deliver it to them and give them an overview of what the meeting was all about. A must inclusion in the final transcribed minutes will be: meeting attendees, meeting objective(s), the date and the duration the meeting took place. We transcribe the meeting in a chronological order i.e. dividing discussion and conversations by topic. The professionals make sure that they distinguish between the important and the non important stuff. The un-important stuff is always ignored in the final transcript.

Transcribing focus groups

When transcribing data from qualitative researches, we are always careful. Though words from the interviewee are normally considered sacrosanct, it is important when doing transcriptions to edit in order to come up with quality work to facilitate analysis. Our professionals are responsible and they will always produce quality and accurate data. We don’t just record all the speaker’s utterances. Some sounds and words convey little or no meaning to the discussion at all. Some wordless gestures like a smile, a laugh or shrugged shoulders don’t add value to the research. Transcribing focus groups requires vigilant listening, careful notes taking and sensible interpretation and that is exactly what our professional writers do.

Business transcription services

We offer affordable, high quality business transcription services to our clients. Getting quality transcriptions for your upcoming business projects can be a challenge, whether you need conference calls, meeting transcriptions or anything in between. Transcriptions are quite important but that doesn’t mean we overcharge our clients for the service. We understand the intricacies of business transcriptions and we can provide you with some of the best and most affordable business transcription services in the business.