Professional Transcription and Translation Services

Very few business keep in house secretarial or admin support in today’s age preferring to outsource any large jobs as and when they occur. The same is true for translation services which are even rarer to find within a company. When you need audio or video transcribing and translating you will have to seek out a professional transcription and translation service that will be able to provide you a high level of quality.

Where to find transcription and translation services

With the world market expanding at an ever increasing rate it is becoming more and more important that companies are able to communicate with partners and customers in their native tongues. This means being able to find reliable and accurate translation transcription services if you want to communicate effectively.

Due to the increase in demand in this specialized area there are many websites out there trying to make money that are offering highly unreliable and poor quality services. Unfortunately their behavior tarnishes the whole industry.

Choosing professional transcription and translation services from our company will ensure that you receive high quality translation and transcription reliably.

Our staff

Translation is not a matter of just replacing one word for another, if it were software could do the job and I am sure you have seen the results of translating a document from English into a couple of other languages and back, it produces garbage. Translation requires someone who fully understands both languages and the subject at hand.

For instance would you be able to translate a complex legal or medical document even into everyday English? The translator has to be able to fully understand the content which is why our translators are all higher degree holders and will work within the areas in which they are qualified. We select our staff very carefully for our transcription translation service so that we can offer you the highest levels of accuracy in the business.

Why is translation transcription so difficult?

  • Transcriber has to be able to fully understand both languages
  • Translation is not word for word; you have to translate the meaning
  • Subjects such as law and medicine are very difficult to translate

Our guarantees for transcription and translation services

We guarantee that your work will be fully confidential while with us and that it will be produced at the highest levels of accuracy, or you will receive your money back. Should you feel that the transcription and translation is in any way deficient we will either redo the work free of charge until you are satisfied or we will return your purchase money.

We use the latest techniques and software to ensure that your files are completely safe with us, only those directly involved with the transcription and translation services will be able to access your files. We also get every member of staff to sign a full non-disclosure document to prevent them from discussing your work.