Professional Sermon Transcription Services

It seems a shame to spend time doing research, creating your notes and then delivering an excellent sermon only to then let it just become a memory to your congregation. But it would be very difficult for you to reproduce it yourself after the event unless of course you recorded it which in today’s age is very simple to do. But you still need to take that recording and convert it into a written document; something that takes a huge amount of time and for some a lot of patience.

Within this article we will go through:

  • Where you can find a professional sermon transcription service
  • How we select our staff to transcribe your sermon
  • Why you should choose our transcription services

Where to find a good sermon transcription service

A religious transcription service should be able to provide you with an accurate reflection of what you said, however too many services look more to their profits than they do to providing a good service. They will hire cheap labor without qualifications or experience and often without even good English skills; this then leads to very poor transcriptions and tarnishes the reputation of the industry as a whole.

Our sermon transcription service employs only the very best qualified staff so that we can provide you with a very high standard of transcription. By doing this we still make a modest profit but we benefit greatly from gaining repeat business and not having to deal with many complaints.

How do our staff work?

When you come to us for our sermon transcription service we will assign a graduate degree qualified transcriber with experience in transcribing religious works thus ensuring that they will be able to transcribe your sermons correctly. They will be able to intelligently review what you say and use their skills and knowledge to ensure that they choose the correct word choices for similar sounding words and the right punctuation and grammar to reflect the meaning of what you are saying.

Our digital sermon transcription can either be verbatim (exactly as it is spoken) or false starts and corrected words can be missed out along with any other filler type words. We can also provide you with grammatically correct edited versions should you be wishing for instance to publish your sermons.

Select our sermon transcription services

By selecting our sermon transcription services you are selecting a full guaranteed service that will maintain your confidentiality. We guarantee all work for accuracy and for on time delivery; should we not provide what you require we will happily correct any deficiencies free of charge or return your purchase money.

We fully protect all files in our possession using the latest software and security to ensure that your files are never seen by anyone other than those working on them. All our staff also sign confidentiality agreements protect your interests fully.