Professional Interview Transcription Services

There are times when it necessary to have a full transcription of what is said within a face to face interview. Nowadays however it not usual for a secretary to sit in on the interview with her pencil and pad to take shorthand notes, instead we now record what is being said and then have it transcribed after the interview ensuring that every word is captured fully. Most companies and organizations no longer employ directly full time secretaries and other administration staff preferring to outsource this type of work to professional interview transcription services when the need arises.

What makes a good interview transcription service?

Interview transcription is not something that can be entrusted to a piece of software or to a freelancer with poor English skills in an internet café on the other side of the world; however if you choose the wrong interview transcription companies that is exactly what you will get. You need to select interview transcription services such as ours that are provided by fully qualified and experienced staff that have native English skills.

Anything less will not provide you with the level of accuracy for the transcription that you are looking for.

Our staff for interview transcription services

The transcription of interview proceedings is not always simple as you are dealing with two or more voices and accents. You will also have to often deal with less than perfect recordings as more often than not simple recording devices are used and not microphones; more often than not they are also carried out over a phone especially in the case of marketing interviews.

We hire highly experienced transcribers to work on your transcription; interview proceedings will be related accurately as our staff have the experience required to recognize the different accents and understand which words are actually being used through the context of the conversations. Our staff are also graduate degree holders so for a complex and technical interview we would assign a transcriber who has qualifications in that area ensuring a full understanding of the relevant terminology in use. Our staff are able to listen and understand what they are being asked to transcribe, they don’t just write down words that they think they hear even if they do not fit the context of the interview.

Our interview transcription services are suitable for:

  • Job interviews
  • Market research interviews
  • HR / disciplinary interviews

Select our interview transcription services

Through us you will gain a highly confidential, accurate and very reliable interview transcription service that you will be happy to return to time after time. We provide the highest levels of service so that we can build long standing business relationships with our satisfied returning customers.

Your full confidentiality is one of our priorities, all of your data through our interview transcription services is fully protected using the latest up to date technology and our staff all sign binding confidentiality agreements.

With a full money back guarantee there is no risk to you when trying our service for the first time; if you need interview transcription services get in touch with our professional transcription service today.