Professional Focus Group Transcription Services

Many companies will use focus groups to help them to develop their marketing strategies and conduct market research. Trying to capture everything that is discussed however can be very difficult, but with modern video and sound recording equipment you can ensure that nothing is missed. The trouble is that when you are finished you will want to convert those files into a written form that can then be read and analyzed by others.

Within this article you will discover:

  • Where to find focus group transcription services
  • Why our staff are the best
  • Why you should use our focus group transcription services

Finding reliable focus group transcription services

Market research transcription services are available from a number of providers online, but some are not going to satisfy your expectations at all, especially if you purchase your services based on price only. A focus group transcription produced by one of these “too cheap to be true” services will almost certainly be performed by someone in an internet café on the other side of the world who speaks very poor English and you will get exactly what you are paying for; cheap rubbish.

While we may not be the cheapest, we are far from being an expensive provider of focus group transcription services.

Our superior professional staff

Our market research transcription service is provided by highly professional and qualified staff. Your market research transcription will be provided by a highly experienced transcriber with a graduate degree in marketing or related to the specific field of your products; this ensures that they fully understand what is being discussed and can relay the correct terminology being used. Through them you are going to be provided with a transcription that will maintain the integrity of the original recording.

Your transcription can be provided in any format that you require enabling you to get the most from our professional transcription service.

Why use our focus group transcription services?

As with any market research you want to ensure that you gain the maximum benefit from it and that your competitors gain nothing; this means that confidentiality and security is very important. For this reason we insist that all of our staff sign a binding confidentiality agreement regarding everything they work on. We also protect your files using the very best software to keep them secure while they are with us; once your work has been accepted we will fully delete your files ensuring that there is nothing for anyone to recover.

Like all of our other professional transcription services; our focus group transcription services provide you with a full guarantee. If you feel that your transcription has not been produced accurately we will correct the error free of charge or we will return your cash. There really is no reason not to use our professional transcription services and we look forward to helping you with your focus group transcription.