Professional Academic Transcription Services

From documenting a lecture to dictating your dissertation or thesis there are a host of academic transcription services that could be requested and we can provide you with help with them all. Writing up your own notes or transcribing the proceedings of a conference can be time consuming indeed and without the right skills and attitude very difficult. This is why it is best to turn to our academic transcription services for accurate transcription services.

Types of academic transcription services

There are three main ways that you could approach transcription:

    • Verbatim in which every word and pause is written exactly as it is spoken.
    • Near Verbatim in which the transcriber will omit the false starts, changes in direction, stutters and other sounds.
    • Grammatically correct in which the transcription will be edited to ensure that it flows correctly and the words used are correct for the context.

The specific style that you use is of course very much up to you, the eventual use of the transcription through the service almost certainly dictating the style you will use. As a full record of research a verbatim transcription will be suitable while for dissertation transcription services it would almost certainly be best to go for a grammatically correct version of your transcription so that the academic English used would be suitable for this highly important document.

Who provides our academic transcription services?

academic transcription servicesWe don’t just employ any Tom, Dick or Harriet to provide our academic transcription services; being able to write in perfect academic English is a skill that has to be acquired and nurtured. We employ the highest qualified staff we can find, each holds a graduate degree and they only work within the areas in which they are qualified and experienced ensuring that they always produce work that is accurate.
Through our academic transcription services you can be assured that your transcription will be correctly worded with the right terminology for your specific subject. Of course university transcription services for students and tutors alike are unlikely to be very suitable unless they are provided by top notch transcribers.

Using our academic transcription services

From research transcription services to transcribing your lectures we can promise highly accurate transcriptions finished on time every time. We guarantee the quality of our work and will redo anything that you are not fully happy with or refund your money with no argument. There is no risk to you or your hard earned cash when you use our service.

We also understand your needs for confidentiality; every file that we handle is protected by top class software to ensure total security, we also completely delete all files once a job has been completed satisfactorily. Every member of staff providing academic transcription services has also signed a non-disclosure document preventing them from sharing anything they work with.