Our Professional Transcription Services

It is very easy today to record everything from a college lecture through to an important business meeting or speech but then you may need that recording turning into a written document that people can use. This is where our professional transcription services come in; most companies and organization no longer have dedicated secretarial support to provide typing and transcription services so they have to outsource their work when it is required.

This is often far more economical as they only have to pay for support and professional transcription services when they are required. However they often have problems finding a truly professional transcription service that they can work with.

How to find professional transcription services

Your transcription needs to be produced within your deadlines and needs to be done with a high degree of accuracy. This means finding professional services; transcription performed by cheap labor with no subject knowledge and often a poor grasp of English will never provide the right level of service. Yet this is what many online transcription services use in an attempt to boost their profits.

You have to come to a professional transcription service such as ours that does not rely on short term profits but seeks to build long term relationships based on our ability to always provide what the customer needs. We hire only the best for our professional transcription services ensuring that we always deliver the best.

Our professional transcription services provide:

  • Total security
  • Full guarantees
  • Reliable and accurate transcriptions

How we staff our professional transcription services

We only hire highly qualified professionals; each of our transcribers holds a higher degree and provides services within the areas in which they are both qualified and very experienced. This ensures that they fully understand the terminology in use within your file and can accurately transcribe what is being said.

Their backgrounds and experience means that they can handle difficult accents as well as poor quality recordings and still produce good results. We seek to provide you with full satisfaction every time you use our professional transcription services.

Our professional transcription services

We can provide you with any form of professional transcription services that you require delivered by experts. We are confident that you will be fully satisfied and provide you with a full money back guarantee in the event that you are not happy with what you receive.

We know that confidentiality is a major part of your expectations and have all of our professional staff sign a non-disclosure agreement to protect your interests fully. We also use up to date methods to ensure the full security of your data while it is in our possession as well as deleting all traces once you have received delivery of the finished work.

For professional transcription services that you can trust come to us for a fast and reliable accurate service!

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