Video Transcription Services

Do you want your videos to have more search engine visibility? Would you like for your videos to have the most accurate subtitles possible? Do you have old videos in old media that needs to be transcribed? Then worry not because we can take care all of your basic video transcription services needs and kick it up another notch. We offer the best professional video transcription you never thought possible with your budget. We know that there are video transcription software out there but the current technology cannot transcribe videos as accurate as professional can.

Professional work with a human touch

Each project is unique. We always keep that in mind whenever we are requested to transcribe video to text. Our transcription team is as professional as it gets. We guarantee that you will only get transcribed documents out of your videos.

We can work with any media

Send us your videos via the internet and we will do the rest. Not only do we have expert transcription personnel, we also have top notch technology at our disposal. We can extract every single word no matter what the video’s quality is. Our video transcription services do not only stop with the digital realm. Do you have videos on tapes or CDs that needs to be transcribed? Send them here and you’ll be surprised how we can do wonders on your old videos. We can even do a verbatim transcription if you like to reflect any sound uttered in your videos. Accuracy is always our aim and our pride. Precision and quality is what you will always get from us.

We improve your YouTube

Every YouTube user wants to get the highest number of hits for their videos as possible. Who wouldn’t? One of the best tricks to increase your video’s YouTube hits is to be as visible as possible in a search engine. To attain this, you need to add words to your YouTube post. Yes, you have read it right. Words. Transcribe whatever is said in your YouTube videos and post it so that the search engines will recognize it right away. We can help you with this task. Let us handle your YouTube videos.  We always apply our superb standard that’s why we perfected ways to transcribe YouTube videos.

Competitive price for expert services

We have the best professional team equipped with the latest technology ready to work on any video transcription. We put the personal touch that cannot be done by any kind of software. We can work on any kind of media from video tapes to YouTube posts. Knowing all this, you might think that our video transcription services are expensive. Stop worrying because we have competitive price range that is very affordable. You will be mind blown by the quality of work we do on your project with the prices that we have.

We value your time

Time does not wait for no man or video. We value your time so we make sure that you get the finished project that you want at the deadline that you have set. We always strive to complete any project before the deadline but we also make sure that every project is within your specification and always done with precision. Give us a try and see how professionals do professional video transcription.