Interview Transcription Services

Let’s face it. It is difficult to interview and write everything they say at the same time. Yes we could always record interviews and write them at later time but often, we do not have enough time to transcribe everything by ourselves. That is where we come in. We specialize in all types of transcription and we take pride from our interview transcription services. We can handle any kind of interview recordings may it be video or audio. Multiple voices that usually makes accurate transcription difficult for transcription software is not problem for us because we have experts in our team. With us, you can focus on the interview itself and leave the transcription to us.

An interview by any name

We guarantee that whatever the type of interview you throw at us, we can definitely produce great quality documents for you. Accuracy is vital to any kind of interview may it for journalists, employers, writers researchers and even those in the academic fields. We have professionals that are dedicated just to any transcribe interviews. They listen expertly to every phone call and every recording with trained senses that cannot be matched by any transcribing software available in the market. Rest assured that there is always the human touch in every project because every project is unique because we know it is from an individual.

Voices in time

Interviews vital to any kind of field from academics to entertainment. Whatever the purpose is, a transcript of any interview needs to be timely. Our professional team understands this that is why we always aim for the best interview transcription services out in the market. Tell us the deadline and we will meet it. We always strive to finish the contract earlier in relation to the given deadline. We treat every project as our own and we don’t want our project to be late. Our transcription system is geared to complete any task at hand the quickest way possible without losing the precision that we are always proud of.

You can keep your arm

OK, so we have the means, the skills and the personnel to transcribe interview and deliver their documents on time. Do we charge sky high prices? Never.  You will be surprised how low our competitive prices can get. You won’t believe the quality of work we do in such low prices.

We keep good communication with our clients. We will give you estimates once we receive your requests. We will make sure that you get every cent worth of quality transcription service because we will follow your instructions right down to the smallest detail.

We do not do it the hard way

We are here to make your life easier through professional transcription. There is no reason why we should make getting our services hard for you. We have 5 easy steps to for you to follow from placing an order to enjoying the finished project. We have everything that you need to know and you want right here at our website. Not only are our prices low, the payment method is just a breeze. Once done, the finished project is directly sent to your inbox, and there you have it; fast, efficient, cheap and, most of all accurate. What else would you be looking for in a transcription job? Give our transcription team a try and have that satisfaction you are always looking for in video transcription services.