Our General Transcription Services

General transcription services, by definition, are services are services concerning the transcription of various media like videos, audio and written forms into text or readable formats. Our general transcription services offers to transcribe any project or events like seminars, researches, oratories, and even legal proceedings.

Welcome to the Digital Age

Almost everyone owns a gadget nowadays. Personal computers are a necessity and smartphones are available to almost everyone. One can just record via audio or video anything from academic files to entertainment documents like novel manuscripts. Businesses are also conducted through the internet which demands files or documents in digital form. We are confident that we can be your partner in any digital transcription services that you need. We have the latest gear and software to transcribe your digital documents and file into seamless, textual form.

With us, old school is still cool

Do you need handwritten or type written documents transcribed into digital form? Need to get tape saved videos and audio transcribed? We’ll be more than happy to recover words from these old media storages and transfer them to digital text format. We have the best transcription services team at the ready to meet your entire request with a personal touch while still following your every instructions

We are legally at your service

Our company is the best option for your legal transcriptions needs. With our professional general transcription services, we can ensure that all sensitive data or documents will be treated with outmost care and will be under tight security. Legal proceedings will be handled by our trained personnel that are perfect for legal related transcriptions.

Knowledge is important to us

We understand that academics transcriptions very important to some of our potential clients. That is why we have experts in our team ready to transcribe seminars, lectures, researches, and just about anything one needs on and off campus. Precision and timely manner of service is needed for academic transcription and we are proud to say that we guarantee that we perfected these qualities. Rest assured that you let us work on project; quality result is what you get.

Transcribe me like the way I am

If you want your video or audio recordings transcribed down to the last ‘ahs’ and ‘ums’, then you came to the right place. Our verbatim transcription services are not less than superb. Our professional team will listen to everything on your file. We won’t let a single expression slip. Your speech patterns will be transcribed as accurate as humanly possible and you will even be surprised when you see it with your own eyes. Our team is equipped with the latest audio and video software to catch even the softest cough in your file. Our verbatim transcription is so accurate down to the last giggle that you can bring it to court.

Confidence in conference call transcription services

Waste money and other resources for a meeting when everyone can have conference call meetings instead? More and more businesses rely on the internet to meet demands in every aspect. Leave it to us and listen to your conference calls and transcribe it for you. We guarantee that all information will be secured. We understand the need for being confidential and we will make sure to guard your documents against corporate espionage.

We also accept specific research transcription services requests. Talk to us and our experts will find the best option for transcription needs.