Digital Video Transcription

Machine versus Human in Digital Video Transcription

There are two presentations for digital video transcriptions online; one is digital video transcription using transcription machines; and the other one is digital transcription by human transcribers with the help of digital technology. Both two transcription processes have great attributes, video transcription service done by a human being has a higher rate of accuracy, while the first one which is using transcription machine has faster turn-around times.

Transcription software can process the information in a very timely manner, but these software programs are not as intelligent as the human person who can determine exactly what is being said and what is the exact message delivered by the transcription video. The most qualitative project outputs based on Internet reputation are those projects that undergo multiple editing and reviews done by human transcribers.

Limitation of Purely Digital Video Transcription

Digital Video transcription is an easy process, it is purely. Almost, if not all video transcription services online have at least more than one automated transcription software and tools claiming fast and efficient performance.  However, transcription videos may vary; some have high quality and some have poor quality. In most instances, audio quality and the number of video speakers are the most prominent factors affecting the efficiency and practicality of automated purely digital video transcription.

Transcriptions done using digital programs are limited, even though these programs are designed to handle complex jobs.  In comparison to human transcription, purely digital outputs are inferior. Unlike human transcribers who are trained to assess the message of the video and to decipher low utterances that are barely audible, pure digital transcription identify words and converts each word into text according to how it is programmed. Programming can be picky in this sense. This can involve heavy technical or industry specific terminologies, but not the commonality of general transcription.

Fortunately, most digital video transcription services imposed manual editing by human transcribers to deliver transcriptions with 99 to 100% accuracy. This makes digital transcription the most sought-after transcription worldwide. The distinction that each video transcription service has relies on how skilled their transcribers are.