Online Interview Transcription Services

Interview transcription services are one of the areas in which we specialize at Quite often it is essential that the details of an interview be recorded and transcribed to make a better decision about the best person to hire to fill a vacant position. With interview transcription you will have the information in front of you to review instead of having to rely on your memory or your notes. It takes valuable time away from your day and your job if you have to do this transcription yourself or take up the secretary’s time away from more important tasks. Using our interview transcription service you can continue to conduct business and leave this chore to us.

What can interview transcription services do for you?

It is important that you let the persons being interviewed know that you are recording the proceedings. You will need to use a device that allows you to transfer the files to your computer. We accept only digital files, which can easily be sent to our server with the click of a button. Interview transcription refers to transferring recorded interviews to text and we do this in the shortest amount of time possible. Our rates are quite reasonable so we save you money as well as time.

Types of interview transcription services

Some of the types of interview transcription companies come to us for include:

  • Police transcription of interview
  • Corporate interviews
  • Press briefings
  • Television interviews
  • Job interviews

Whatever your needs may be for interview transcription services, we are there to provide you with the assistance that you need. We pride ourselves on the fact that we provide accurate transcriptions that are free of any errors due to the great work performed by the editors after the transcribers are finished with their part of the process. A transcription of interview files is time consuming but we make every effort to return the text document to you as quickly as possible.

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