Online Focus Group Transcription Services

The opinions of others are very important in the world of business and this has brought about the demand for focus group transcription services. When businesses or organizations want input from employees or the public they set up focus groups to meet on a regular schedule and bring the ideas to the executive level. Since there are a large number of participants in such a group it is important to have a written record of the proceedings. excels in providing businesses with focus group transcription services.

Groups that can benefit from focus group transcription services

The participants in a focus group are free to speak at any time. This makes it difficult for an untrained person to accurately transcribe the proceedings. Some of the typical focus group transcriptions that we have carried out for clients include:

  • Teleconference meetings
  • Moderator focus groups in which there is a moderator for opposing arguments
  • Focus groups in which the client of the company is present
  • Small focus group transcription in which there are only about 4 or 5 people present

Focus group transcription services for market research

Market research transcription services is one of the most important needs of a business that wants to find out about the possibility of extending business into a new area or introducing new products to the market. Through such meetings the company can collect information on what is most important to the client as well as determining the level of competition that already exists. In order to get the most out of these meetings, market research transcription is paramount because the business leaders can refer to the text when they want to make a decision.

What to look for in focus group transcription services and market research transcription services

Whatever type of transcription services you need for your business there are two main features you need to look for in the company you choose. These are: excels in both of these necessities. Contact them today with your order for market research or focus group transcription!