Online Academic Transcription Services

Students and teachers are not forgotten in the world of transcription because they can avail of online academic transcription services when they come to We carry out a wide variety of services in the form of:

  • research transcription services
  • dissertation transcription services
  • conference transcription
  • lecture transcription

We will also provide transcription of your audio or video tapes of any sessions that you need for your academic pursuits – anything that needs to be documented for a reason and saved in a text document.

Reasons for academic transcription services has been in operation for quite some time. Over the years we have carried out academic transcription service for many different professionals in the academic world. We provide dissertation transcription services for those who record their thoughts and have us transcribe the audio so that it can be used as part of the doctoral dissertation. Spoken conversations between students and teachers can assist the student with studying or preparing assignments. Educational institutions come to us on a regular basis to have digital transcription carried out so that they have a hands-on document to compliment the digital records.

Hearing impaired students need academic transcription services

Students with a hearing impairment benefit greatly from the academic transcription services provided by They can record the class lecture and send us the digital file. We transcribe the audio and return a text document to the students. Then they have a printed record of the class that they can use for study purposes. They won’t miss any important information and will succeed in the course.

Students that are studying for exams are another group that we often have as clients for academic transcription services. They too have notes transcribed from audio so that they can be very cognizant of the professor’s tips and the stresses placed on certain topics. We have the technology to transcribe the audio without letting any background noises take away from the words that are spoken. is very affordable and we have a very fast turnaround time for academic transcription. If you need the document today we deliver!